Just one more month to go before bunso celebrates her first birthday! I may have said this more than once, but when it comes to raising kids or spending time with your family, time seems to be moving like a bullet train. I wish time at work would also feel like this instead of moving at the pace of an aging turtle. Sigh.


Anyway, we are bracing ourselves for this little charming troublemaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be climbing out of her playpen soon. Ever since she discovered how to stand and cruise around it, it is seldom that you will find her sitting nowadays. Also, I often get awakened at the wee hours of the morning and she’s all over the bed and either crawling or playing. Good thing we’ve sorted of barricade ourselves around her sleeping area so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of her falling on the floor while we are all in dreamland.

And she’s picked up quite an appetite lately. She’d always be complaining if she wasn’t included at mealtimes, never mind that she got to eat first before anybody else. Although I’m a little concerned right now that her tummy has been averse to fresh fruits. Hmmm…hopefully it wouldn’t last for long. She would be losing a lot of nutrients if she continues this. Still no teeth though…

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