Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House

We had our regular get together with Mico and Sam to celebrate Dad’s 72nd last Sunday. His whole birthday was short and sweet, with the actual day with cake and the traditional pancit. We thank the good Father Almighty for giving him more years to be healthy and to be with us.

We decided to meet up with in Molito in Alabang for a change. I haven’t been to this place in years and I was surprised that there are more than a handful of restaurants there. In fact, I think there are about thirtyish. Mico beat us there and he chose Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House. Their specialty was, you would guess it, beef noodles, but we had plenty other dishes to choose from. Not like when you go in a ramen place, all you can have is ramen although with variations.

This is really one of the best Chinese restaurants I’ve been to of late. I like that all of the fares we got were delicious and really tasty. Salty if you will. But that’s how I like my food. Even better than P.F. Chang’s.

For starters, their Black Olive Fried Rice is love. I almost died. It was sweet and tangy, although there was a little too much oil.

We also had fried rice Yangzhou style.

Then a bunch of entrees, starting with Five Spice Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs

Oyster Beef with broccoli

Crispy fried chicken with Chairman’s pepper gravy for Mischa

Rustic Ma Po Tofu

Wagyu beef noodle soup for Mico

We also ordered some shrimp hakaw (my favorite), and pork siomai and steamed fish fillet in garlic sauce, which I forgot to take photos of.

We all washed those down with Lemon Ginger Ale and Lemon Iced Tea.

Super love my family! Precious time together!


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