We finally got to try Chef Jayps’ Sarsa restaurant in Mall of Asia. When it was newly opened, the restaurant seems almost always full to the brim. So I was delighted when we dropped by on a Saturday noon at that, that we were immediately accommodated. I was even surprised that the restaurant is very spacious inside pala. We got one of the better seats in the middle, almost right alongside the bar. Interiors were okay, however, it was a little smoky from all the cooking and grilling. Not good when you have babies and kids with you.

Had a little hard time choosing what to order because I wanted to try a lot. But since it was just me and the hubby and Mischa who will eat, had to pick mostly based on the hubby’s preference for “healthier” foor (read: no meat, less oil). So we were down to these:

Bangus Belly Salad, Grilled Vegetables and Crispy Cheese with Honey Mansi Dressing

Tuna Sisig with Tuna Chicharon, Lambanog Onions and Atsuete Aoili

Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti

They were all good! I was even surprised with the salad. I especially liked the torta (fritters) because of the nice blend of the eggplant, sardines and cheese. All their dippings were just a little on the spicy side, though. But all of the food barely needed dippings anyway as they were all delicious.

Would try their other bestsellers soon when I have some carnivores with me. The pritchon pancakes, batchoy, sizzling kansi, liempo (with native coffee), and bacon belly kadios are definitely begging for my attention.

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