Last Friday, Mischa’s school held one of its traditional activities – the Kampise. I do not really know what this stands for but it is yearly celebrated during the Buwan ng Wika, which is August. They were required to be in Filipiniana or native costume, and bring some food to share. Her assignment was pansit, puto, malamig na tsaa at sariwang prutas.

They held a school-wide program, which unfortunately I was not able to attend because there was an office event that I absolutely cannot miss. So the dad came with her and took these photos. I was sad not to be with her. She looks so pretty in her pink saya. All the kids participated in a parade around the school quadrangle and the best in costume per year level was chosen to represent the in a their fashion show. Boy, did some of the parents made a career out of dressing up their kids, you would think they were joining an international beauty contest! Afterwards, they all went to their respective classrooms for a mini program.

The dad also reported that she has new friends among her classmates. My little fear of her having a hard fitting in was baseless really. Glad for my kiddo.

Great day also for a dad-daughter only bonding!








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