49B Heirloom Kitchen

Had a chance to dine at this cozy restaurant in Quezon City called 49B Heirloom Kitchen. The staff there said they only opened a couple of months ago. It is yet another modernized old house that serves mainly specialties passed down from generations to generations. They said that the upstairs dining room is lovelier but too bad we stayed in the ground floor owing to our boss who has difficulty climbing stairs. Well, I googled reviews of the restaurant afterwards and I was disappointed we didn’t go up!

Anyhow, the good food more than made up for the really long serving time. If we weren’t a big group, and had it not been for mobile Internet, I probably would have died of boredom. It was that slow. And it was the middle of the day in the middle of a work week! As I said, good thing their fare was delicious and made the wait well worth it. And the tab was not that bad, so a thumb up for them!

My fillet mignon, although admittedly the best I ever had, costs less than 400 pesos. A little tough but seasoned just right. Serving is also enough for lil ol’ me.


And because I can’t have red wine in the middle of the day, paired it with grape shake instead. I like it that the fruit shakes are in tall glasses so as not to leave the diner bitin.



We also shared a pot of sinigang na lechon, which was perfectly sour, tart and tangy. The meat, first roasted, and the chunks later simmered in sinigang broth and vegetables, was oh so tender.


What my colleagues had:

Paella negra, which I unfortunately didn’t get to sample. Darn!




Pork chop


Dill-encrusted salmon for the hubby


And something I am not totally crazy about, lengua.


Adult coloring

There’s a new craze in town and I am trying to jump on the bandwagon. Hello, coloring for adults!



I got these from Mico some time back but only had the time to start it last weekend. The hype is true, it is a de-stressor of sorts. There’s something about filling out the spaces that is restful. Of course, it is only a moderate form of de-stressing and if you think that your problems (especially at work) will be solved or if you expect to have a eureka moment after this, think again! Strictly for entertainment purposes only. Hahaha, it’s just me. Wish I could do this more often though. But with two kids under the age of ten with varying degrees of need, I am lucky if I could get an hour straight of me-time at home. Not complaining, though.

I even let Mischa have a crack at “my” coloring book.


Hooray for long weekends and some mommy time!

Early awards

More than a week ago, I blogged about our family slaving away for Mischa’s first term examinations. We were really concerned about her getting good grades, and of course, understanding her lessons that we spent quite some time reviewing. And we were happy with the results so far. She came home last Monday bearing these:


Yay for Mischa! We actually got the results of her other subjects and we are truly proud of how she did. She could have done better in other subjects (read: Math), but I keep on telling her it’s okay that she didn’t get everything. The important thing is she did her best. And assured her that her hard work will pay off someday. Keep up the good work, anak!

An answered prayer

I prayed for this, and worked so hard and so long for this. Now, finally, after four years of “temporarily” taking up the cudgels for a unit head, I am finally “it”, the real Director.


I was elated, relieved, and a little vindicated. I’ve been performing the tasks required of this position for the longest time, but had been subjected to lower pay and whole lot of mental and emotional abuse. I could really say now that I earned every freakin’ centavo. And I could tell you now what going through the eye of the needle really means. It has been an exhausting journey, and frankly, I got tired so many times. I would often ask myself if it is all worth it. Some have it easy. I truly believe, with all my heart, without any hint of egotism, that I have what it takes to be a leader. I may not be able to suck up where it matters, but I know I have the guts, the brains and the heart to lead my team, and serve the people.

But all’s well that ends well. It is such a big help to my growing family, and for that, I am truly thankful for. God is good.


Just one more month to go before bunso celebrates her first birthday! I may have said this more than once, but when it comes to raising kids or spending time with your family, time seems to be moving like a bullet train. I wish time at work would also feel like this instead of moving at the pace of an aging turtle. Sigh.


Anyway, we are bracing ourselves for this little charming troublemaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be climbing out of her playpen soon. Ever since she discovered how to stand and cruise around it, it is seldom that you will find her sitting nowadays. Also, I often get awakened at the wee hours of the morning and she’s all over the bed and either crawling or playing. Good thing we’ve sorted of barricade ourselves around her sleeping area so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of her falling on the floor while we are all in dreamland.

And she’s picked up quite an appetite lately. She’d always be complaining if she wasn’t included at mealtimes, never mind that she got to eat first before anybody else. Although I’m a little concerned right now that her tummy has been averse to fresh fruits. Hmmm…hopefully it wouldn’t last for long. She would be losing a lot of nutrients if she continues this. Still no teeth though…

Dugtong Buhay

I thought that I would be able to repay my “debt” to society when I signed up for bloodletting at Mischa’s school. Last year, friends and family willingly donated blood for me in anticipation of a possible complication when I give birth. When the school announced that it was holding its annual bloodletting activity called Dugtong Buhay, I immediately signed up in the hopes of giving back to whoever is in need at this time when I had generous loved ones when I myself needed blood. Proud that the schools does this yearly in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross.

But I only got in as far as the registration and initial interview. Sigh! I wasn’t eligible at this time according to the interviewer, not a year has passed since I had a ceasarian section. And the anesthesia inside my body have not been completely eradicated yet. So there. Really sad. I wanted to help.