John Karl’s 7th birthday

We were partygoers last weekend. The first was for Mischa’s old classmate in her previous school and the next was for a very distant cousin. Events like these, which entails trips, either short or long ones, are almost always a production within our household. ‘Tis a little hard to prepare the two kids and their stuff, not to mention, our stuff, but it is worth it all the time when I see them have fun. There’s really no substitute for memories, and as a parent, I enjoy everything as much as I can. It’s so cliche but it’s true when people say that “they will not be kids forever”.

John Karl’s party was Minions-themed. The kids were even requested to wear yellow in the spirit of the theme. Good idea, though, because the day of the party was a little gray so it helped lighten the mood, and made it a cheery one. As always, Mischa was also happy to see and play with her old pals. Maxine is still small to enjoy the party but I know she’ll be jumping into the fun soon enough.

The party was held at Pixie Forest inside the Festival Mall in Alabang. Mischa also played a role being one of the “7 chocolates” (kinda like a debut where you have the traditional 18 roses). She wished for John Karl to grow up and be good. After the party, the kids get to have passes for all the rides inside the play complex.






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