We tried this restaurant in Valero St. in Makati one afternoon. Sabao is fairly, having been opened not more than six months earlier. As the name implies, most of its offerings are soup-based dishes or “sabaw” literally in Filipino. All are based on popular Filipino dishes, too. There were several of us then and we ordered several so I got to take photos but was not able to taste.

I contemplated between a batchoy and a bulalo, and the former won.


It was good, not over the top great, but wonderful enough. I liked that it has a huge strip of liempo and soft boiled eggs over the noodles. Most of all, it did not have the usual innards that a batchoy normally has, which is a total plus for me. It was also kind of heavy, and was not bitin so it made a full meal for me.

My office mates, on the other hand, had to have rice with theirs.


And the bulalo, which also looked really good. It had roasted beef bone marrow on top, which could have you hypertension right on the spot. It was a crime to even look at it. But it was soooo good because I tasted half of one.

Sabao also offers tinola, binakol and molo. They also serve rice toppings, such as mechado, binagoongan sa gata, humba and Bicol express.


On their tables is an assortment of dippings for when you want to enhance the flavors of your food. I couldn’t resist the patis of course.


For drinks, I had lemongrass iced tea, and for dessert, their version of leche flan. Both didn’t do anything for me.



I probably would not go back. Food was generally okay but a little expensive for that quality (Php300-350 a bowl). And their aircons keep on dripping on the table! I got a splash-full of drain water, which may or may not be clean (the former probably). The staff were apologetic enough but blamed it fully on the building administration (they were renting space). Still, they should do something about it. We had to change tables and I had to change seats. Twice. Still, I got wet from it.

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