My second family

This is the family that took me in for a lifetime. We don’t spend as much time with them as with my own since we all live in various parts of the Philippines and even abroad. My parents-in-law are both in Cagayan, as well as two brothers-in-law and their families. The eldest of course is in the United Kingdom, and their coming home was the reason for our big reunion recently. The other brother lives in Caloocan City. Meanwhile, the younger sister, Ate Vivien lives in Fairview, in a subdivision right across Mico’s, so it’s them we see a lot. I would say that our nieces there are the closest cousins Mischa has.

All in all, hubby has two sisters and three brothers. He’s the youngest. Among them, there are 14 grandchildren, and even 1 great-granddaughter now. At the time we took these pictures, the youngest grandchild hasn’t been born yet. There are four grandsons to carry on the Apattad name so there’s little chance we’ll be extinct soon. lol.

I’m not really used to belonging in a family this big, but I love it. Makes me feel secure that Mischa and Maxine has other family they can go to in case we won’t be here. I hope they all grow up close. But I know that we adults have to lay the foundation for them.

So here we are, from eldest to youngest.








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