Thanksgiving in Callao

Picking up from my last post, I blogged about our recent trip to the husband’s hometown up north to have our first reunion with his family. Since his sister and her family were over here, the family decided to hold a gathering that includes the extended families and other loved ones to give thanks to the Lord for bringing us all together. There was a fiesta-like atmosphere at my in-laws’ house from dusk until the wee hours of the morning the following day. Everybody was happy to see each other. For me and our two daughters, we were introduced and re-introduced to the rest of the family, although frankly, I could not keep up with all the names and how we are related to one another. But this didn’t matter anyhow.

We started with a simple Methodist service in the family home.


Then it was all eating and talking and catching up with friends and relatives!



The star of the feast (poor cow!):


Mischa definitely had such a good time with all her cousins.



There was dancing at night. Music boomed, and all swayed and grooved to the beat!



We were indeed very blessed for the opportunity to belong to this wonderful community. And we were lucky this time that we got to have this first ever complete family picture!


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