Surviving traveling with kids

Yes we did! And I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t so hard after all. When we heard the news of the hubby’s sister and her family’s arrival from London, we thought of going home to their province up north in Cagayan. But we just finalized our travel plans a fortnight prior to the thanksgiving party at their parents’ house in Penablanca.

And so we bundled up the kids, packed several bags, bought our tickets, and off we went!

We tried to packed as lightly as possible, bringing only the essentials with us. We knew that one of us would always be carrying the baby so we really can’t afford to have too many pieces of luggage and bags. We ended up with one trolley bag, two back packs, the kids’ travel bag with a few bottles of water and milk and some change of clothes, and my own purse. Except for the baby, we also took some tablets to combat possible nausea.

I was adamant in not letting Mischa miss any day in school so we had to wait for her to finish her last class on Friday. With this, we couldn’t catch the flights from Manila to Tuguegarao City, the gateway to the hometown. So we just hurdled the ten-hour bus ride, which left the terminal in Manila at 9:30 in the evening. We chose the first class bus and the seats were really comfortable, kinda like La-Z-boy chairs. Once reclined, and with your legs up, one can almost catch a good night’s sleep. And there are now charger outlets in between the seats, yey! The bus also had a toilet, which I didn’t get to use anyhow, but the husband said was hard to use. We took turns holding Maxine, and we got a good wink throughout the ride. Thank God both kids didn’t make any fuss at all. Made sure they were both dressed warmly since long-haul buses are known to be really cold.



There was some traffic along the roads and we eventually reached Tuguegarao around 8:00 a.m. the following day. We were picked up by my another brother in law, and we traveled another 30 minutes from the city to the barrio.

The princesses come home!

It was easier on the way back. This time, we booked plane tickets on Sunday after the family gathering where Mischa in particular had lots of fun with her cousins. (The family reunion deserves its own post after this.) And I thank the heavens that on the day we went home, the flight was on time. Both kids were happy again, hence, Mommy was happy, too! Maxine probably won’t remember any of this but hopefully she’ll get to enjoy my posts when she grows older, just like Ate Mischa.


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