Out for the 9th

Glad that Maxine’s 9th month fell on a weekend. Yey, that gave us the opportunity to go out and celebrate, albeit a simple one. My baby is getting prettier, bubblier, funnier, more lovable and more likot than ever. You’re still as charming as ever.






We love you soooo much little one! You’re able to sit now although you do always seem like you would topple over if left for too long. You’re also trying so hard to do by yourself from a lying position but all you have managed so far is be on all fours. That’s okay sweetheart. No rush growing up. Although mommy’s getting a little impatient waiting for your milestones to come, like your first tooth coming out. Mommy knows that not all babies are alike! We’ll wait and enjoy your journey with you, anak!

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