Shake drill

In recent months, there has been reports on the possibility of an impending earthquake, the magnitude of which is so big that it foretells of a catastrophe not yet seen in this lifetime. Supposedly, it would kill about 34,000 in Metro Manila, injuring thousands more and destroying billions of property, especially those sitting on the West Valley Fault, which traverses a large part of the Metro.

Of course, it had started a slow panic in everyone. But what’s important is that many establishments and agencies, government or private, have begun making massive preparations in case this Big One happens. When the last strong earthquake occurred in 1990, I was a fifth grade student playing in my classmate’s house while waiting for ma and dad to pick me up. I was so lost then, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. It is good that we, as a society, are serious about preparedness now. Glad to have participated in today’s metro-wide earthquake drill.




I realize that, despite all these, we can never be really prepared for when the thing happens. I am praying with all my might that He spares all my loved ones. It is too scary to think about being away from our family with communication lines down, and you don’t know what happened to them.

* top photo courtesy of Ivy

First movie house experience

Okay, so Mischa is now six years, but prior to this post, we have not brought her to watch a movie inside a real movie house/theatre. Sure she has seen several i.e., Frozen, Big Hero 6, Cinderella, etc., and countless full-length DVDs. But when she was younger, I was worried about her attention span, and as the years wore on, we just didn’t have the time or opportunity, what with the arrival of Maxine last year. Now finally, her Ninong and I got to bring her to a real movie date. And she was happy!

Hello Minions! Incidentally, minions are on top of her current favorites.

minion movie 2

minion movie

Mommy, the dentist

Some more tooth chronicles…

Last Sunday, exactly a month after she lost her first milk tooth, Mischa lost another one. This one though, Mommy had a role when she played dentist. Armed with a piece of thread (pink, of course) and a cotton ball, Mommy bravely pulled the loose, offending tooth. And viola!


I let her clamp her mouth over the cotton ball to stem the bleeding. She didn’t cry although she admitted it hurt just a teeny bit.

Later that night, she did shed tears for she went looking for the tooth to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy to get only to find out her dad beat her to it (he threw it up the roof, supposedly for the replacement tooth to be strong).

Out for the 9th

Glad that Maxine’s 9th month fell on a weekend. Yey, that gave us the opportunity to go out and celebrate, albeit a simple one. My baby is getting prettier, bubblier, funnier, more lovable and more likot than ever. You’re still as charming as ever.






We love you soooo much little one! You’re able to sit now although you do always seem like you would topple over if left for too long. You’re also trying so hard to do by yourself from a lying position but all you have managed so far is be on all fours. That’s okay sweetheart. No rush growing up. Although mommy’s getting a little impatient waiting for your milestones to come, like your first tooth coming out. Mommy knows that not all babies are alike! We’ll wait and enjoy your journey with you, anak!

Mary Chloe’s first birthday

The celebrant, Chloe is the younger sister of Mischa’s former classmate in Academia, her old school, but still her school mate now in Seton. Most of the visitors at Chloe’s, apart from her relatives of course, are her Ate Alexa’s (Mischa’s classmate) friends, and their families. Mischa was overjoyed to see some of her old pals. It was also a reunion of sorts for us mommies and grandmothers who have been acquaintances and even friends because of the time we see each other in school during school events.





How to party?

That is the question. Have started a little party planning for my bunso‘s first birthday. Now doing a little budgeting, drawing up the guest list, and of course, scouting for party ideas!

To jump on muddy puddles?


To sip and pour some royal tea?


Or be sew magical?


If the elder girl has her way, although it is not her birthday, we would go for the first theme. I am actually leaning towards it and I am about 80% sure. But it wouldn’t kill anything (except maybe time :)) to look at other ideas. I can’t help it!