Balay Negrense

Okay, I’ve been wanting to visit the famed ancestral houses that line up the streets of Silay City in the province of Negros Occidental. I find ancestral houses really fascinating if properly maintained. They speak so much of lives well lived, and people like me who are able to go through them are given glimpses of their families’ rich history. It is like reading my favorite novel, only it has come to life.

During my last trip to the province, I only got to visit the Ruins in Talisay City. And on this trip, although I wanted to do the rounds for most of the houses in Silay, I was fortunate to go only to one – the Balay Negrense, or the home of Don Victor Fernandez Gaston.

My photos here are not of top quality as I was only using an iPhone. I had not done justice to the ethereal beauty of the house. It was overcast on the day of our visit, and if anything, the weather made it all…spooky, if you will, and kind of romantic. The Gaston family is one of the pioneers of the sugar industry in Negros, and I think, the Philippines. Their home speaks of their affluence, and one could almost feel the vibrant activity going on when it was full of children, adults, helpers and probably those who are in the business with the patriarch. I could imagine it on full throttle during its heydays.














Next time, I vow to visit the other houses, even if I have to extend my stay.

A little tea party

My childhood friends and I have gotten into the habit of just meeting at home, and doing anything and everything under the sun, and with or without kids. Gone are the partying days or even the quiet dinners out. Must be getting really old. We’ve reached that point in our lives that we relish in the simplest of get-togethers. We are not bothered by hovering waiters, neighboring conversations or ticking clocks signaling that we have to end our reunions soon. We could do away with dressing up or putting on makeup.

Caught up in our different routines and paces of our families, I am happy that we still get to do this at least twice a year. And it is really good that, like the best of friends, we always pick up where we last left off.




Missing a tooth

Someone just lost a tooth.



I thought that it would be a little dramatic but glad that the pulling of the first milk tooth was uneventful. The said tooth has been moving little by little since the weekend. Mischa, her dad and I were even making plans of either bringing her to the dentist, or just tying a long, clean piece of thread, wrapping it around the offending tooth, and her dad taking it out. But we didn’t have do any of that as the tooth cleanly broke off while she was having an after school snack.

Hay, more signs of her growing up.

Happy 8th month baby love!


You are exceptionally malikot, more than Ate Mischa was at your age. I chalk it up to your growing curiosity. That’s good, anak. See your picture up there? You haven’t even been 2 seconds at the table and you’ve already dug your little fingers in your cake!

You really make mommy’s heart melt. I love you oh so much. I know I’ve told you that maybe a million times in your lifetime but I really do!


Warner and Michelle’s wedding

Yesterday was my first time to attend a wedding in Iglesia ni Cristo rites. I must say that it was different from what we Catholics are used to. What I liked best about the sermon was when the minister kept on repeating that kaloob ng Diyos ang iyong asawa. It was like the Holy Father chose your spouse especially for you.

This was the wedding of one of our old friends at the office, Warner and his partner, Michelle. Warner and I go way back early 2000s when we started working at the CFO. And although we are not that close, I would say he was instrumental in the hubby’s and my beginnings so we made him a godfather to Mischa. Hehe. And as always, weddings, baptisms, and even funerals are also the best times for reunions! It’s happy and sad at the same time that we see some of our closest friends and family during special occasions only.


Congratulations and best wishes to the couple!

And let me be a little vain okay? Wanted to post this picture (although not totally related to this post) because I feel I look a lot thinner here.


Six and swimming

Happy 6th birthday (last June 6) to the first person who I could really say stole my heart before I have even seen her!


Obviously this is another late post. This mommy has not had the same time and luxury of regularly updating this blog, and I will tell you why when everything is truly final.

Anyway, so we celebrated this little girl’s birthday in the way she enjoys best (at the moment). We made a last hurrah for the summer and headed for the pools in nearby Laguna.








Happy to make her happy all the time! I always, always pray for your safety, health and happiness, my love. May you continue to be a loving daughter and sister. I love you so much!

Now in big school

With tears just beneath my lids (lol), I sent off this not-so-little-girl to the big school on her very first day. The place was teeming with moms, grandmas, yayas and other eager and excited family members who may be experiencing more separation anxiety than the kids, this writer included! But as she seems to be okay, left her, said so many prayers, and hoped for the best. It’s been about two weeks since then, and she seems to be thriving.

Except for the early, ungodly waking hours, that is. But the school bus arrives very early so we really have no choice. Reminds me of my school girl days, but then again, my school was quite far.

Sigh, don’t grow up too fast, baby girl. You look so dalaga na.