Neil’s Kitchen

This is too late a post but I was out of town for a while then had to keep up with things at work. Anyway, nearly every year, our family always celebrates Mothers’ Day, Mama’s birthday and my birthday, whichever comes first, in one weekend. This year, since we were anticipating the usual crowd in malls, I decided to look up restaurants in stand alone parts in the Alabang area. My Google search turned up several choices and I narrowed it down to Neil’s Kitchen in Westgate. Good thing I made reservations two days prior because the place was jampacked that day. I guess many have already heard (or read) of its good reviews.


The place was totally bustling and it has a frenetic kind of energy. Everything just feels alive, mostly because of the personal decors dotting the place.







However, we were given a table at one of the function rooms, and I felt cheated because we didn’t get to enjoy the main dining area. But ’tis okay.

The food on the other hand, while I thoroughly enjoyed and every one, took forever to be served. I have to forgive the place though. As I said, the day of our visit fell on a “celebration day” so they probably couldn’t keep up with the demand. But they have to do something about it in the future. Their saving grace was really, everything was superb! The twists on all Filipino food were done in excellent taste!

Calamares with Saffron Aoili. Ironically, our appetizer was the last to arrive. We have already finished with everything so this was like an anti-climactic ending.

Tokwa’t Baboy. Good, good.

Chicken of the South. This was for Mischa who normally orders fried chicken no matter which restaurant we are in. But I ended up liking it so much. It was boneless, flavorful, and the mushroom rice that went along with it was perfect for my taste buds!

Spanish tempura. I’d already forgotten how this tasted so…

Sinigang na Grilled Salmon. Yummy! I love the burst of flavors when you take a bit of the salmon, resting on a bed of crisp vegetables. I don’t think anyone can ever go wrong with salmon, could they!

Carbonara. Creamy and perfect. Lots of bacon = happy tummy

Bagoong Paella with Kare-kare. Just the right saltiness.

And what made my heart skipped a beat – Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly. The restaurant truly did something magical with this dish. The sourness of the broth-infused rice with the grilled pork dripping with oil…ahhh…so unhealthy but so heavenly. All the waiting we had to endure and the lack of a perfect view were all erased because of this. So good, I will really come back for seconds or thirds or fourths with this one.