Limbaga 77

Our family dined at a newly opened restaurant at the Tomas Morato area, in yet another restyled/refurbished old family home. It is found on No. 77 Scout Limbaga St., hence the name Limbaga 77. It’s hard to miss, especially at night, with its bright facade and conspicuous name.


But among the last few ones I went to (Victorino’s, Adarna Food and Culture and Lola Cafe), its interior is one of my favorites. It has two floors, and both had their own bars and restrooms. As it is new, the place is definitely eye candy. I especially liked this statement staircase, with its steel and wooden railings.



And yet again, it has the same take on modernized Filipino food. Did not get to choose any of the food, though. Not complaining, but most of those we had were not my cup of tea. So I would say that everything was average and just okay, and that I had better.

House salad. The prawns were big and generous so that’s a total plus for me. However, this one had bananas. Whoever thought of putting bananas there? It was weird.


Poqui-poqui rolls. The Ilocano classic dish of eggplant and egg but wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried.


Bangus flakes in mustard leaves. This is good and healthy. One of the better meals on their menu.


Binusog na pusit. Literally, a squid with its belly full. Now, this one is a winner! Perfectly roasted with pesto on top, and just the right sweetness and tartness of the dipping.


Pochero. Didn’t get to taste this one, but doesn’t hold much for me anyway.


I forgot to take a photo of the herb fried chicken. Mischa just took a few bites but I really can’t tell if she didn’t like it or she was too busy running around to enjoy it. Also the sinigang na salmon of the hubby.

If I had my way, there would be crispy pata or lechon kawali on the table that night. Then I would have totally enjoyed the meal. I got to content myself that I was with family. Maybe I need a second round for another verdict?

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