Kiddie Crew

Due to budgetary and time constraints (of the parents), Mischa was not enrolled in any summer activity this year. I thought that this would be the year she would learn piano or level up her swimming, but circumstances made us push these in the backburner for now. So sorry little girl (although the summer is not yet over).

I intended for her to be part of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew ever before summer began and we almost missed it. Thank God, we were still able to do it. Even though it’s only a week thing, I am glad to see her out of the house. Our bad for letting her have an iPad/TV summer.

Also took off time from work since Mama was out because her sister came home from the US. Happy to bring Mischa and see her in action.

She went with her cousin, Lee.


Their days start with short lectures. This day, they were made to understand teamwork. I know that the managers from McDonald’s who run the show here aren’t teachers but I still wished they would consider the ages of the participants when giving their spiels. The one who lectured yesterday kind of droned without looking if her wards understands what she was talking about.


Then they were assigned on the floor on different rotations: counter to take orders and prepare them, drive-thru and lobby to greet the customers.






After that, they were served with meals. Happy that my girl ate by herself. She should but she always acts up at home.


And they have to memorize and perform later this week the Kiddie Crew song. Also have to prepare a talent number. Still racking my brains for this.


For Php595 for the whole course, including shirt, cap, bag, meals, materials, etc., this is truly a worthwhile activity for kids her age. I hope she learns something out of this. She can be shy and doesn’t easily interact with people she just met so this might be another good venue for her to get out of her shell.

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