Paradise Island Davao

After our official trip to Davao City (I was with one of my staff, Yumi), we went on a side trip to nearby Samal Island. I booked us at Paradise Island Resort, which I chose from among the hotels and resorts on Agoda. And I was glad I did. No regrets here.

I was surprised that it took us only 5 minutes to cross from the private pier of Paradise Island to Samal. And from the get-go, I was truly satisfied by the way the resort’s personnel took care of its guests. If I had ten thumbs, all would be up in approval for service.

Since we arrived around noon, we had lunch first in their open air restaurant right by the beach, while they were cleaning and preparing the rooms. The only teeny, tiny disappointment during our overnight stay was it took more than 30 minutes for them to give us our bill. And we were raring to go to the beach by then.

Otherwise, everything was A-okay!

The de luxe rooms were in separate airconditioned cottages, which have their own porch and garden. We had to walk a bit from the beach but it turned out to be a good thing because the areas where the cottages are are quiet, and the noise from the beachgoers were muted. The room where we stayed was large and comfortable enough. Of course, we didn’t get to sulit the room because we practically stayed at the beach the whole afternoon until evening during our first day. On the second day, we just had breakfast then we had to catch our flight to Manila before noon.

They also had a spa where I availed of a massage. It was good enough for the price of Php450 (with discount). I badly needed that. It seems like I haven’t had one in ages. When you have two needy kids below five years old, you tend to put yourself last in your list of priorities. So this was a good break for me. I was definitely recharged.

The beach was clean although they built the restaurant too close to it. It decreased the swimming and lounging area by a large margin, and it was short enough to be begin with. But a beach is a beach is a beach. And I love it. Period.





I was a little miffed that it was cloudy on our first day there but I still had fun, of course. Next day, when we were about to leave, Mr. Sun shone in all his glory. Didn’t get to enjoy the beach by then but the summer-ness of it all lifted my spirits anyhow.



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