Cintai, Corito’s Garden

We held our annual teambuilding about two weeks ago at this place called Cintai, Corito’s Garden, a Balinese-inspired resort in the town of Balete in the province of Batangas. They said that this used to be a family rest house built for its matriarch who was then recovering from an illness. When she passed away, the family maintained (and I would assume expanded) the place and opened it up for paying guests. I liked it that we had the whole place to ourselves during our visit, and enjoy to our heart’s content (sometimes our group could be rowdy to say the least).

The whole place was one humongous garden. For the nature lover, it would be pure heaven. All sorts of shrubs, trees, flowering plants abound. Plus it was secluded from the town, hence, very serene and a perfect place for those who want to meditate or just plain relax. There was a zen-ness to it that would pacific the most active emotions. Tamed animals also roam the place. During our stay, I came face to face with a donkey and a handsome peacock.

The resort has well-appointed villas filled with antiques or the most tasteful wood decorations. Outside, comfortable couches are provided for that quiet afternoon date with a book or a cup of coffee.

The major downside of it all – the numerous pebbled stairs you have to pass through to get from area to area. Only the fittest and health-conscious would enjoy this. Say if you’ve just eaten, by the time you get to your room, you’ll start to feel the pangs of hunger. I think I lost five pounds over that weekend. lol.

The food was a little so-so, and the assisted buffet was not enough to satisfy our cravings. They were a little skimpy on the servings. But being a true-blue Batanguena, I enjoyed their offerings during our stay. Special mention the Lomi Batangas, crispy tawilis and Pork Binagoongan with fried eggplants.

















I would recommend this for honeymooners, stressed dudes, or anybody who just wants to get away from it all. Not ideal for kids or senior citizens.

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