Kainan sa Dalampasigan

Our family outing in Nasugbu, Batangas started and ended with wonderful meals at the Kainan sa Dalampasigan. Located at the heart of the town, a few meters away from the public beach, Kainan welcomes the traveler into its warm folds like a mother or a favorite aunt. Its homey feel and traditional food attracts more of families and barkadas rather than couples looking for a romantic sojourn. Set in the middle of a large garden, it boasts of natural flora with plants hanging from the high ceilings, and various species of shrubs and trees all around. Breeze also flows freely through the tall, open windows making the whole place presko, and if one is not careful, would be induced in a lazy stupor.






This is our family with some of my brother’s friends who have also become ours. We came with some relatives though but were not able to take photos.


And this are what we ordered on our way back to Manila (no photos too of our welcome lunch).





I especially loved the crispy pata. They have a special timpla for the sauce, it’s a bit on the sweet and spicy side, and it was perfect for the crispy, juicy pork (okay now I’m salivating with the memory). Fish and seafood were a little hard to come as it was Black Saturday, and maybe they ran out of stock last Good Friday. The husband, being the health conscious one, was of course a little disappointed. But the food all in all was very, very good! Nothing pretentious, just good old home-cooked goodness.

The place was full of vacationers as it was the Holy Week when we went there. Harried waiters buzzed through the aisles and served big groups. It was no wonder food took a little time to be served but they were all worth our time. Good thing we were in good company so the wait was not so bad, and no one was wont to complain.

We will definitely go back.

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