Digman halo-halo

Last Sunday, after attending a cousin’s condo unit blessing, we decided to get halo-halo in a spur of the moment fashion. I’ve been wanting to get one since several billboards of famous restaurants’ concoctions have been beckoning me since summer began. And what better time to enjoy a refreshing glass/cup than that warm afternoon.

Since we were already halfway home, I decided that we divert a little to Digman, a barangay in Bacoor City, which is also famous for halo-halo. Shame on me who has been living in Bacoor almost her whole life but who haven’t tasted this. Well, as they say, it is never too late to do/try anything.

The restaurant was not hard to find (thank you Waze!) but it was situated in a really narrow street. One has to be really careful when navigating the streets so as not to sideswipe anything. When we got to the restaurant at around three o’clock in the afternoon, the place was already jampacked with people wanting to stave off the heat by having that cool refreshment. Good thing it took only a few minutes before a group finished and two tables were freed. We fell in line, ordered, and our tall glasses of mixed beans, nata de coco, jelly, garbanzos, kaong, ube and leche flan with shaved ice swimming in evaporated milk came within a few minutes. Ahhhh…

The restaurant also serves other fares such as siopao, pancit, barbecue, etc., which all goes well with the halo-halo. But as we just came from a party, we were still a little full.

After a Digman’s experience, one would go home with a happy tummy. And kind of smelly from all that smoke from the ihaw-ihaw just right outside the store.





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