Hair concerns

Maxine’s hair is thinning a lot. I don’t know if I should be majorly concerned because Mischa did experience this when she was the same age. But the rate with which Maxine is losing hers is a little alarming. We would often see clumps on her pillows. And she is almost bald now except for a thick patch right smack in the middle of her head, kind of like a tomahawk, or a pretty little Mr. T. She’s still cute nonetheless. I’m thinking now of switching to other bath products that will be kinder to her skin and hair, although I have trusted Johnson and Johnson’s for decades now (of course, starting with me).

Anyway so a little strategy (and a little excuse for this shopaholic mommy!) is to put on her pretty little headbands. We combed our usual department stores for these but found none to our liking. So good thing we found this online store, Zuri Baby Couture. After browsing their website, yikes, my problem now became what to choose! lol. They have a whole lotta line of the prettiest headbands, soft-soled shoes, barefoot sandals, star dresses and other accessories. Super perfect for the modern, kikay baby, like Maxine! And they’re very soft and comfortable, our Maxine, who is super sensitive, doesn’t seem to mind them.

Brought these for starters:


Hay, I want to buy them all.

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