Mczy’s birthday

We attended the 6th birthday party of one of Mischa’s classmates, Mczy, last Saturday. I was waxing nostalgic in my last post about how I feel a little sad and anxious since Mischa is leaving school, and with it, the first friendships she has nurtured in her life. Now, I think again about how this might be the last birthday party with her AJV friends. I really don’t know why I feel sad since I am not the one leaving school. haha.

Anyway, maybe it’s because I see how in her element Mischa is when she’s with them. She’s so herself, and there is that pure joy and innocence in her eyes when interacting with them. None of the guarded look we adults often have. See for yourself what I mean.


She happily joins games now

Her first girlfriends


And volunteers for magic shows


With the birthday boy

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