Last pajama fun day and popcorn party

As Mischa is leaving her present school for big school next school year, can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. After all, she stayed here for two years, and I know she has made her first real friends here. Truth be told, I am a little scared for her because she will be embarking on a new journey and will be starting all over again in terms of belonging to a secure group. In a lot of ways, she’s a little like me who has a hard time making small talk and making new friends. It may not look like it but I am actually shy when meeting new people. At work, I am forced to make acquaintances because it’s part of my job and I have that down pat. However, for the most part, even at this ripe old age, striking up conversations and nurturing new friendships takes a lot of effort.

Anyway, I hope she just makes the most of the few days left of the school year with the friends she had known in her pre-school days. Glad that I am documenting most of her activities, which she can look back at when she’s older. I hope she doesn’t cringe a lot, like I do when I see my pictures haha.

Here are some photos of her last pajama/popcorn party at school, which I grabbed from a mommy friend’s Facebook page.




I find this series funny because all the boys were sitting down while the girls were running around πŸ™‚

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