Digman halo-halo

Last Sunday, after attending a cousin’s condo unit blessing, we decided to get halo-halo in a spur of the moment fashion. I’ve been wanting to get one since several billboards of famous restaurants’ concoctions have been beckoning me since summer began. And what better time to enjoy a refreshing glass/cup than that warm afternoon.

Since we were already halfway home, I decided that we divert a little to Digman, a barangay in Bacoor City, which is also famous for halo-halo. Shame on me who has been living in Bacoor almost her whole life but who haven’t tasted this. Well, as they say, it is never too late to do/try anything.

The restaurant was not hard to find (thank you Waze!) but it was situated in a really narrow street. One has to be really careful when navigating the streets so as not to sideswipe anything. When we got to the restaurant at around three o’clock in the afternoon, the place was already jampacked with people wanting to stave off the heat by having that cool refreshment. Good thing it took only a few minutes before a group finished and two tables were freed. We fell in line, ordered, and our tall glasses of mixed beans, nata de coco, jelly, garbanzos, kaong, ube and leche flan with shaved ice swimming in evaporated milk came within a few minutes. Ahhhh…

The restaurant also serves other fares such as siopao, pancit, barbecue, etc., which all goes well with the halo-halo. But as we just came from a party, we were still a little full.

After a Digman’s experience, one would go home with a happy tummy. And kind of smelly from all that smoke from the ihaw-ihaw just right outside the store.





Mischa’s pre-school graduation

With joy in my heart and tears just at the brim of my eyes, I watched as my eldest proudly received her diploma, her certificates of recognition and her lone medal last Friday. Wow, I can’t believe the tiny, helpless being I used to change diapers and sing lullabies to has finished three years of school with flying colors! Her daddy and I are most proud of all her achievements! Not to sound bitter or defensive, while she may not have as much medals or certificates as some of her classmates, I truly believe that her potential is much greater than what her teachers sees or recognizes. It goes far beyond what she manifests in her daily school work. She may not be the studious or even pabibo type, but I know and have seen that all her talents are there waiting to be honed. She just needs proper mentoring that may not have been present at her school. Her creativity, passion, wit cannot be contained within the four walls of the classroom, and maybe beyond the capacity of her teacher to mold.

We love you so much, anak. Keep up the good work. Whatever you do, mommy and daddy will always be your fans.










With her classmates who I’m sure she will greatly miss.







Hair concerns

Maxine’s hair is thinning a lot. I don’t know if I should be majorly concerned because Mischa did experience this when she was the same age. But the rate with which Maxine is losing hers is a little alarming. We would often see clumps on her pillows. And she is almost bald now except for a thick patch right smack in the middle of her head, kind of like a tomahawk, or a pretty little Mr. T. She’s still cute nonetheless. I’m thinking now of switching to other bath products that will be kinder to her skin and hair, although I have trusted Johnson and Johnson’s for decades now (of course, starting with me).

Anyway so a little strategy (and a little excuse for this shopaholic mommy!) is to put on her pretty little headbands. We combed our usual department stores for these but found none to our liking. So good thing we found this online store, Zuri Baby Couture. After browsing their website, yikes, my problem now became what to choose! lol. They have a whole lotta line of the prettiest headbands, soft-soled shoes, barefoot sandals, star dresses and other accessories. Super perfect for the modern, kikay baby, like Maxine! And they’re very soft and comfortable, our Maxine, who is super sensitive, doesn’t seem to mind them.

Brought these for starters:


Hay, I want to buy them all.

Pre-school closing party

In a series of “lasts”, Mischa had her last year end party at her school today. We accompanied her, and even gave small tokens for her classmates.



It was nothing fancy, what with the class bringing potluck, and participating in games. We let Mischa bring some brownies and polvoron. Had fun chatting with other mommies who were also waiting for their kiddos.

Mczy’s birthday

We attended the 6th birthday party of one of Mischa’s classmates, Mczy, last Saturday. I was waxing nostalgic in my last post about how I feel a little sad and anxious since Mischa is leaving school, and with it, the first friendships she has nurtured in her life. Now, I think again about how this might be the last birthday party with her AJV friends. I really don’t know why I feel sad since I am not the one leaving school. haha.

Anyway, maybe it’s because I see how in her element Mischa is when she’s with them. She’s so herself, and there is that pure joy and innocence in her eyes when interacting with them. None of the guarded look we adults often have. See for yourself what I mean.


She happily joins games now

Her first girlfriends


And volunteers for magic shows


With the birthday boy

Last pajama fun day and popcorn party

As Mischa is leaving her present school for big school next school year, can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. After all, she stayed here for two years, and I know she has made her first real friends here. Truth be told, I am a little scared for her because she will be embarking on a new journey and will be starting all over again in terms of belonging to a secure group. In a lot of ways, she’s a little like me who has a hard time making small talk and making new friends. It may not look like it but I am actually shy when meeting new people. At work, I am forced to make acquaintances because it’s part of my job and I have that down pat. However, for the most part, even at this ripe old age, striking up conversations and nurturing new friendships takes a lot of effort.

Anyway, I hope she just makes the most of the few days left of the school year with the friends she had known in her pre-school days. Glad that I am documenting most of her activities, which she can look back at when she’s older. I hope she doesn’t cringe a lot, like I do when I see my pictures haha.

Here are some photos of her last pajama/popcorn party at school, which I grabbed from a mommy friend’s Facebook page.




I find this series funny because all the boys were sitting down while the girls were running around ๐Ÿ™‚

Maxine’s fifth

Happy fifth month, my bunso, my love!


As you approached this monthsary, you have already started rolling over, albeit with much difficulty, presumably because you find your body a little heavy hehehe. You always manage to turn over your hips and legs, and your head, but you have not been always successful with bringing your shoulders with them. On a few occasions, I have found you in funny positions where you just fell asleep sideways because you got tired from trying to turn over. At least you are trying, my love, that’s what’s important. I hope you keep up with being positive that you can always do things only if you try hard enough as you grow older. However, now we really cannot leave you alone like we used to for fear of you toppling over.

You also now grab a lot of things that are within your reach — your pillow, soft toys in your crib, burp cloths, bibs, and anything else that you get your little hands on. We have to be more watchful now more than ever that you don’t hurt yourself or put things over your face.

You always seem to have a ready smile for everyone, including strangers. It is such as infectious smile that lights up our days. You even have a special one for your daddy. However, we did notice that ever since we got back from getting your ears pierced that you started to be a little more reserved than usual. We’re not really sure why. But please go back to giving us that wonderful, sweet smile, baby. We all have been missing that.

We love you so much, anak. Your sister, especially, loves talking and playing with you. She is always hugging and kissing you. Sometimes, we chide her a little when she wouldn’t let you be if you are asleep. Mommy is beyond happy that she knows that you will always have someone looking after you even if mommy and daddy are not there. I am a relieved that you will have each other’s back forever.