New challenges up ahead

Some weeks ago, the husband attended the open house of the school we are targeting to enroll Mischa in come the following school year when she begins Grade 1. We then submitted her documents and then she took the entrance exam on Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, we got the results:


Big hooray for the kid! We are officially in. We were informed that enrollment is by February 27, and we were actually taken aback. Whoa, that soon? And she hasn’t she even graduated from her present school. And we have not yet factored paying for her tuition fees this early. Good thing is, they allow parents to initially reserve the slot, then do the actual enrollment within the next three months. Since we are bent on sending her to this school (although the tuition is double than what we are paying now) because we are already thinking of big universities (early training is very important), we paid the reservation fee of Php1,000.

By the way, when I saw the test results, I said out loud, “Anak ko nga talaga ito!” (Mischa is truly my daughter!). English also seems to be her forte, while Math her waterloo, much like me.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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