Teaching the value of hard work and money

Mischa has had coin banks given to her over the years but she especially liked this pink Cinderella-pumpkin she got for Christmas. So I had this idea of starting instilling in her the value of money and how hard work pays off.

We agreed that she will get one peso for every good deed she does, whether voluntary or something any of the adults asked her to do. I told her that every good thing she does has its rewards, whether now or for a later time. I don’t know if she actually understand what “at a later time” entails, but she has gladly accepted the challenge. Most of the things she gets rewarded for at this time are little chores that I think are age-appropriate, like putting things away, such as toys, plates after eating, etc. Since we also recently had a new addition to the family, Mischa is being asked a lot to help in getting the baby’s things or asking her to look after the baby for a few minutes while the adult will turn her back for a while.

Although I have told her that she should help whether or not she’s being “paid” to do so, and she understands. It’s just a little incentive, and I know she will associate hard work with rewards, and nothing in this world is free except love and care.

Also, I am doing in a bid to counteract my mother’s “coddling” and making her more independent. It has really been an issue with me that my mother is so overprotective with my daughters that she is hampering their development. Sure I know that she has their best interests in mind but she does a lot of things that I know, as a mother, will bring them more harm than good, especially those that “teaches” them to be independent. I know I have blogged about this sometime ago but I haven’t stopped hankering about it because she still insists on doing things for Mischa that she can do on her own. I have this issue about me and her dad dying, and she can’t fend for herself because she got used to being taken cared of all the time.

Like right now, I am getting a little worried because she’s going to attend big school next year and she will have classes from 7:15 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon. This would mean eating lunch by herself, which unfortunately up to now, she doesn’t do. She does it on weekends when I “force” her to, but again, she regresses over the course of the week because my mother insists on feeding her. That, and other things.

Anyway, so now she is being given incentives for doing things by herself, like dressing up or eating alone. I don’t know my mother feels that she’s being kawawa when left to her own devices. I think it’s great!



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