Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang

The second leg of Mischa’s school field trip was a theater play at the Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA (read the first leg here).

That day, Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang was on. I think the school made special arrangements so that it was exclusively shown for our group. It was my first time to watch a show here.


Lola Basyang, a famous figure in Philippine literature and media, is an elderly woman fond of telling stories to her grandchildren. In this PETA play, three stories were recreated and retold, and played onstage by independent actors.


The stories were entertaining enough although it kind of had a dragging quality from the middle towards the end. You could see this through the restlessness that slowly crept among the crowd, particularly the preschool kids on the field trip. By the time the second act was halfway through, kids started standing up, talking to their classmates and playing on the sides. I thought it was better suited for grade schoolers who would have had longer attention spans. I wouldn’t recommend this again.

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