Elizabeth Seton School open house

It’s that time of the year for our family again. We are school hunting! Wow, I can’t believe my panganay will graduate from preschool, and will be a gradeschooler soon. Actually, we are bent on one school at the moment, and we really hope that she passes the entrance exam. I mean, I am more than positive that she will but she still needs all the luck she can get.

This also means that should she get in, we have to tighten our already tight belts even more. Tuition and other fees are more than half of what we have been paying for the past two years. But it’s a good investment. The school has a good following and reputation over the years, and have produced quality graduates in its more than two decades of existence. Of course, it is my dream and goal to put my daughters into the best schools. Nothing like a good foundation for college. Being, ahem, a Iskolar ng Bayan, I will not settle for anything less. Sorry girls. lol.

As a side story, we have been trying to get some of her papers from her present school. Now, I don’t want to jump into conclusions but I really hope they are not sabotaging her chances to get into a good school. It’s been two weeks and they haven’t released a certified true copy of her grades yet. We made some clarifications with her adviser (tried to talk to the principal but she let the adviser talk to us first) because when they issued her progress report for the second trimester, we noticed that there had been major changes to her first term grades. I mean, who does that? Changing (lowering some of the grades in certain subjects) the first term grades in the progress report when you after you release the second term grades? Weird, that one. After that, it’s taking them a long time to release the corrected report. And we needed that so we could already schedule her entrance exam. I hope I am just being paranoid.

Anyway, so the hubby went to the open house of Elizabeth Seton School South. It should have been I, Mischa and Daddy but circumstances prevented us from attending. I had to bring Maxine to the pedia due to a week-long cough, and Mischa had make-up classes. So it was just the Dad. He said there was an orientation followed by a campus tour. He seemed very happy and satisfied afterwards, and it looks like both activities only strengthened his resolve to put his daughter there. Go anak! Again, too bad we didn’t get to submit all the required documents in time.

What I hope my daughters will become:



Some of the facilities:





They take pride in their open classroom set up, and assured parents that it doesn’t hinder learning of students. It is also more eco-friendly. The husband tells me it is presko. And I think this instills discipline in kids that they are more orderly, and respects others more.


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