The Graduate shots

Still some signs of happy endings and new beginnings, we got the printed copies of Mischa’s graduation photos. She looks so grown-up, I couldn’t believe this is my baby!




Better yet, I couldn’t believe she’ll be finishing pre-school soon, and entering the world of big school. As I said in my previous post, new challenges ahead for my little girl. I know she will do good but this mommy’s heart is thudding with anticipation of what lies before her.

New challenges up ahead

Some weeks ago, the husband attended the open house of the school we are targeting to enroll Mischa in come the following school year when she begins Grade 1. We then submitted her documents and then she took the entrance exam on Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, we got the results:


Big hooray for the kid! We are officially in. We were informed that enrollment is by February 27, and we were actually taken aback. Whoa, that soon? And she hasn’t she even graduated from her present school. And we have not yet factored paying for her tuition fees this early. Good thing is, they allow parents to initially reserve the slot, then do the actual enrollment within the next three months. Since we are bent on sending her to this school (although the tuition is double than what we are paying now) because we are already thinking of big universities (early training is very important), we paid the reservation fee of Php1,000.

By the way, when I saw the test results, I said out loud, “Anak ko nga talaga ito!” (Mischa is truly my daughter!). English also seems to be her forte, while Math her waterloo, much like me.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Idyllic Antique

Had my first out of town business trip after being pregnant and giving birth to Maxine last year. There was so much apprehension before I left since I will now be leaving two young kids at home (it gets harder the more you have hahaha), but I needed to do this. Though I prioritize my kids over my work, there are times that sacrifices have to be made. After all, why do parents break their backs over work if not for their kids.

Anyway, so my destination this time is Antique, a quaint province in the island of Panay in the Visayas. I had to take a plane from Manila to Iloilo City where I caught a van with our partner agency in the area. I have been many times to Iloilo, and as soon as we entered the town of Hamtic, the first town of Antique, the difference between the provinces could not have been more stark. In general, Antique is as quiet as Iloilo is bustling.

I did not really like the way we traversed. Though the way was scenic, thanks to the mountain range that separates Antique from Iloilo, my stomach and tummy kept churning. As a kid, I had motion sickness, and I would almost always throw up everytime I travel by bus to my hometown of Cuenca, Batangas from Bacoor, Cavite, where my parents settled. I also got sick during my kindergarten days as it was a 1-hour travel to school. Eventually, because of my frequent travels, I have almost overcome this. But when the roads are steep, rough or full of bends, my stomach goes crazy. So I was most glad when the van entered the town of San Jose de Buenavista, the capital, and I caught sight of buildings after those zigzag roads crisscrossing the Iloilo-Antique highway. I, unfortunately, was not able to take photos during the trip because, aside from fighting off nausea, the windows of both vans I was in were a little grimy.

I stayed a total of 2 days (arrived at 4:00 in the afternoon of Tuesday and left at dusk on Thursday) in the province for a migration and development capacity building project for local government units in the region. We were billeted at the Pinnacle Suites and Functions where the conference was also held. I was actually surprised because it was a well-appointed and tasteful hotel. For a sleepy town, this boasts of facilities that would surely attract possible business people. Tucked in a commercial building together with other business establishments, the Pinnacle had large, spacious rooms with comfortable beds. One minor downside, though, they still have box type television sets instead of LEDs or even LCDs. And the heater in the bathroom was busted so I had to endure cold water.

The food was also good, although not first-class hotel levels.

All in all, I was satisfied with my short stay there.







I was also glad I got to attend the Holy Mass here since my trip coincided with Ash Wednesday. I couldn’t understand a word during the celebration since it was said in the local dialect but it didn’t matter so much to me.


And I got to see an old friend. I was a little hesitant to contact him at first although I knew he was already settled in his hometown here in Antique. He did not have a very gracious exit at the office but I thought, what the heck, we did not have ill feelings towards each other. So I sent him a message, and he treated me to dinner, and I was glad I got in touch with him.


He had lots of stories to tell and I was happy that he looks settled. He told me sometimes he does miss the jungle life in Manila but he was content with his new life for the most part. He gamely “toured” me around in the few places to see, and I captured this beautiful sunset at the beach.


Thank you, Antique!

Family fun day

As part of Mischa’s school’s Foundation Week, a Family Fun Day was held. Parents and the whole family were invited to join games and other fun activities. The husband and I again took the time off to be with our eldest, and we bought the bunso again in tow.


We were part of the Yellow Tamaraws team. Mommies joined in the chanting of the cheer, while the daddies performed the “stunts”. lol. The yellow team won first place for this, yay!



There were several games for the various year levels (Nursery, Kinder, etc.), and Mischa joined some of them.


Daddy did, too.


The day was fun. I am glad they have these activities where parents can interact with their kids and their classmates, and the school community. I am surely going to miss our AJV family since this will be Mischa’s last year with them.

Field demonstration

I think this is the first time that I’ve watched Mischa in a field demonstration although I have watched her perform a lot of times for various activities. Took some time off (again) because she requested that I or her Daddy go with her. I told her that Lolo would but she wouldn’t hear of it. So what other choice do I have but to give up some time for my little girl?

She was a little listless this time because she has the beginnings of a cold but she still did well. And who else went with us to watch Ate’s performance?


Darn that insect bite on her face. It sure is not a mosquito.

Here is Mischa’s performance: