Riding the bus

The big girl has been exercising a new found independence starting this week: riding the school bus!


She has never been more excited. lol. For the past three years she’s been attending school, she has always been brought to and picked up from school by the grandparents. The paranoid mother in me has not wanted to entrust her to a stranger yet. She was such a small and trusting thing that she might come home with total strangers. But now, as we have no choice since the grannies cannot leave the baby at home, Ate would have to ride the school bus. The good thing though, five other classmates are already riding the school service. So that’s one sigh of relief for me that other parents trust the bus operator. Still, I offer silent prayers that she be safe as she goes to school practically alone now.

Also, we didn’t have a hard time convincing her that she needs to be driven to school by other people. Now, she waits for the bus in great anticipation of being with her friends. She doesn’t want Lolo to bring her anymore. One time, she didn’t even wave goodbye to me as I let her board the vehicle. She just went on to talk excitedly with her classmates. Hay, my big girl.

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