A fulfilled Christmas

Merry Christmas from this cutie patootie who is spending her first Christmas!


And from the rest of my family. As always, it was a quiet event in our side of the world. My brother spent Christmas Eve dinner with us but left right away for work commitments. Went to mass the next day, which was also Maxine’s first. Too bad my dad was a little under the weather but thank God he got better as the day wore on.

Happy and peaceful would describe this special day. Happy birthday Papa Jesus! You are the reason for this season.


Dancing to Hi-5



Had a date with our eldest a few days before Christmas. Bought the tickets to the concert of one of her favorite groups at the moment, a long time ago. ย Happy that the Australian group came to Manila. Thanks to the promo of HSBC, we got 20% off the original price. Every cent was worth it though, the little girl had lots of fun singing and dancing to the beat of Hi-5 songs. She was right there at the front with all the other kids who adore the group. However, it was a mark that I am more mom than anything else that I have memorized all Hi-5 songs, and can sing along with the kids. I watch more kids’ shows now more than I do shows catering to my genre.

Preparing to be in the fold

Preparations are underway for our ading to belong to God’s family. I actually scouted for suppliers even before I gave birth so I had a head start. The Church was non-negotiable so we had to work around it. I really like that all baptisms held in that church are special/solo so it is more intimate and there would be no fanfare. It was kind of expensive, though Php2,500 for the first pair of sponsors and Php100 for each additional pair). We also had a hard time booking our target date and time (too many kids to be baptized at this time of the year?). But all is well.

Downpayment for reception is paid for, menus chosen, amenities discussed. This was not my original choice but it will do.

Souvenir supplier also booked and paid for.

Mico took care of photobooth services.

I also had the invitation layout done by an online graphic artist thru Etsy. Happy with the results! We will print this at home ourselves.

(Maxine) Baptism Invitation

Created an events page at Facebook where I regularly post notices, including the Save the Date card, this invitation, the map, and some reminders. This is for everyone, especially friends and relatives who are far from us to be kept in the loop.

To do at this time:

– Tarpaulin layout and printing
– Baptismal outfit
– Services of a photographer (volunteer :))

Going back to work


This about sums up how I feel as I drag my feet to my first day back at work. I will miss my two beautiful girls as I go back to the daily grind. While I may complain about the little sleep/rest I got these last two months, I definitely would not mind being there for them again full time. I really do not mind spending all my energy on them. I will especially miss my bunso because at the moment, I know that she depends on me so much. My eldest is a little more independent now, and doesn’t need me as much. Over the years, she and I have created a rhythm that attunes us to each other’s needs. For now, I believe that Maxine’s world revolve around the two of us. Sigh, I just wish I could always be with them, and feel their warm hugs and kisses all the time.

Frankly though, I am not really that keen to face work. Period. I am a little burned out to say the least. While I visibly relaxed during my absence, as the weeks and days to my return came nearer, that overwhelming feeling of being trapped intensified. I just wish I could curl up with my family and shut the world out. Unfortunately, I have to make a living. I have to push myself. For my girls.

Everything for my girls.

Riding the bus

The big girl has been exercising a new found independence starting this week: riding the school bus!


She has never been more excited. lol. For the past three years she’s been attending school, she has always been brought to and picked up from school by the grandparents. The paranoid mother in me has not wanted to entrust her to a stranger yet. She was such a small and trusting thing that she might come home with total strangers. But now, as we have no choice since the grannies cannot leave the baby at home, Ate would have to ride the school bus. The good thing though, five other classmates are already riding the school service. So that’s one sigh of relief for me that other parents trust the bus operator. Still, I offer silent prayers that she be safe as she goes to school practically alone now.

Also, we didn’t have a hard time convincing her that she needs to be driven to school by other people. Now, she waits for the bus in great anticipation of being with her friends. She doesn’t want Lolo to bring her anymore. One time, she didn’t even wave goodbye to me as I let her board the vehicle. She just went on to talk excitedly with her classmates. Hay, my big girl.

The doting big sister

I am so glad and proud of how Ate Mischa has been handling having a new addition to the family. I was a little apprehensive of course, knowing that she is used to being the ‘star’ in the household. Though a good kid, she sometimes does exhibit some sense of entitlement owing to her getting her way most of the time. But I am happy my fears of her resenting her little sister are unfounded. If anything, she has shown deep affection and genuine fondness for Maxine. She now not only thinks of herself but the welfare of her bunso.

You cannot imagine my happiness and contentment. I always pray that they grow up loving each other and looking for each other’s back. I can now leave this place knowing they will never be alone in this lifetime.