Cloth diapering

Okay so I’m trying to do cloth diapering again this time. With Mischa, I did the two way system – first the bird’s eye cloth with the side pins then the thicker cover. I knew she was a lot comfortable wearing that than disposable ones.

The thing with cloth though, the baby tends to get wet easily with disrupts sleep. And if you’ve just struggled and danced your hips away to rock her to sleep, you wouldn’t want that. Much as you love your child to eternity, your arms and torso need to rest sometime.

Still, I prepared to do the same for Maxine, even if for a couple of months only. There’s nothing like letting her bums breathe. I know it is healthier, and more friendly to Mother Nature. Thank goodness that there are new ways of using cloth nappies nowadays. And very colorful, too. So part of my before giving birth shopping were several all-in-one nappies that you just put on the baby like regular diapers. Love our Baby Leaf diapers!


We’re using it mostly during daytime. Sleep-deprived as we are right now, every minute of shut eye is precious. I would even use them longer in the day if only we have a helper right now. At the moment when only my mother helps us, I don’t want to dump on her too many nappies to wash. Trying to be as reasonable as possible so she wouldn’t get tired of helping us at home.

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