Career Day

Mischa’s school held a Career Day last week. The pre-school students were asked to come in costumes that will show what they want to become when they grow up. These will be showcased in a fashion show where they were also asked why they want to be what they want to be.

As you can see from the photo, my little girl aspires to be a rockstar. I actually gave her the idea because I know how she loves music, and she is fond of singing and dancing. Glad that she immediately latched on to the concept. We already did this get-up for creative shots for the graduation pictorial of the Kinder 2 students back in September. While most of her classmates want to be doctors, nurses and chefs, I am proud that she dared to be different. That she did not succumb to what was the fad or what was “in” with her classmates.



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