Breaking out again

Tell me why hives love me so much. I wouldn’t want to post a photo because I don’t really intend to immortalize those ugly lesions all over my face, body and extremities. But I might have to warn myself someday just in case I get the same symptoms occur again.

It seems that I still have to put up with some more post-pregnancy physical inconvenience. I thought I was done but I was so wrong. Two things started happening after my check up one week after I gave birth.

First, I was instructed to start using Bactroban on my CS incision instead of Betadine. A couple of days after, the lower portion of the scar, just below the folds of my loose skin and tummy, began swelling. Three days after, pus began producing in the area and a watery discharge started coming out. Disgusting, I know. But better out than in.

At about the same time, bumps started forming on my groin where hair were growing in the area they had to shave prior to the CS operation. Why they had to do that, I’m really not sure since I wasn’t giving birth naturally. Back then, I didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to the formation of the bumps, I was cursing the nurse who did the shaving. Wth. Soon, the bumps began forming pus, too, which was a total pain every time I move. I suffered for several days, each brush of my underwear against at least four of them is enough to drive me crazy.

I thought I was getting some relief when my OBGyne saw them and prescribed some antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection. After taking some tablets for a day, hives began erupting and spreading throughout my body. When I texted my doctor the following day, he had me shift to another antibiotics. And had the cycle repeated. Angry, red lesions that are bigger began covering the other parts of my body that the previous hives have not reached. I look and feel horrible! Now, my doctor prescribed yet another antibiotic. He said that I am allergic to beta lactam antibiotics, which has penicillin on them. Great!

I hope this last one works tomorrow. We’re attending one of my childhood friend’s wedding next weekend where Mischa will be one a flower girl. I don’t want to go looking like a hundred bees stung me all at once.

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