As I wait out the last two weeks leading to my delivery, I still have got to satisfy my carbo cravings. Well, pregnant or not, I’ve also been a pasta- or noodle-monster. So when we passed by D’Angelo Pizzeria last night, and with a need for a carbo fix, we decided to try this. I think this is actually a remake of the old Chef D’Angelo, which I and my college buddies frequent over a decade ago. Not too sure, though, and didn’t ask.

Since it was newly renovated, the restaurant was clean and fresh. I like that it was well-lit, muted and not too bright, I might add.


It was a weekday and there were not much people around so they served our orders in just under fifteen minutes. Pogi points for them. They have quite an extensive menu, mostly of Italian fare, such as soups, salads, pizzas, pastas and some entrees. They also serve cakes and cupcakes. We had:

Insalata Greka. There was too much balsamic vinegar for my taste and I wish they toned it down a bit. More feta cheese could have made this salad awesome.


Potato soup. A little runny but passes the test. The green peas are a great addition since it added texture to the soup.


Pesto. Husband complained that it was too oily and I thought it was really yummy. Grilled chicken strips could have made this more fab.


Creamy garlic linguine. Just topped with roasted garlic bits, this made my tummy jumped for joy. Really good! It could have done away with the whole cloves of garlic buried under all that goodness.


Would love to come back soon and try out all the pasta!

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