RV turns one

Despite waddling through life nowadays, I still managed to get my butt to the first birthday celebration of my inaanak, RV. Getting up from the bed and walking two meters to the toilet is a major feat for me lately. Good thing the venue was near our place so there’s no reason for us to miss the party. Plus, Mischa always looks forward to attending birthday parties held at Jollibee. Although I am beginning to loathe going near Jollibee because really, he’s so smelly. It’s the same for all branches. Don’t they wash those damn costumes?

Anyway, back to RV. I seldom see this guy. The last time was during his christening about nine or ten months ago. He’s a big boy now, and recently, an older brother! Here is 3-week old, Ranna Beatrice:


Some of us from work, with kids in tow, joined RV and celebrated with him. Mischa kept on choosing the dress she was wearing to every party (parang kokonti tuloy ang damit!).









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