Lunch yesterday was a lovely affair in Quezon City again. This time, I was brought to another re-purposed, but well-light and spacious ancestral house on Scout Rallos specializing in, but is not limited to, Ilocano fare. The front part, which faces the street is covered entirely in glass, thus, letting natural sunlight in.

As soon as you walk in, you will be greeted by an array of native and some handcrafted items, made I suppose, by Ilocanos. There were several tables for intimate groups, and long ones, for big groups, such as ours. Large antique cabinets were also on display all around the dining area. I like it that the pieces do not look or feel too old, but seemed more well-kept and maintained to sport an old-meets-new look. Everything feels warm, modern and comfortable.



The restaurant also has a bakery filled with the famed Heny Sison’s goodies of yummy cakes and breads, bottled sardines and spread, taro chips, sukang Iloko, and other goodies.


Love the lavatory area, too.


Okay, so I do not have an ounce of Ilocano blood (although you never know!), and I might probably not a good judge whether the taste of the food is authentic. But everything we ordered made my mouth water. And I think some of the restaurant’s offerings are not entirely Ilocano in nature, rather more Filipino.

This is their local miki. It kinda reminds me of the molo noodles of Iloilo. Nice and hot, perfect as starter.


The classic pinakbet. I was a little afraid that this would taste really bitter as Ilocanos are wont to cook, but I was glad my taste buds could take it.


Poqui-poqui. I love eggplants period.


Squid adobo. No, the picture is not deceiving you. It is really darker than usual. Still good, though.


Beef caldereta. I almost sighed indecently when I tasted this, it was sooo good, never mind that it has liver (which I absolutely detest) sauce. The beef chunks were so tender with every bite oozing with rice tomato sauce. I got a little bitin though because we were sharing all the food, and the serving plate was not able to return to its rightful owner (me) anymore. Huhu.


Chicken galantina. Hmmm, normal.


Bagnet for the win! I could have this everyday, but of course, I might be chopping several years off my life, and I still have two kids to raise. Crisp to perfection, and the tomato and bagoong just has the right tang and saltiness.


Beef steak or bistek in Tagalog. A little too sour for me.


Salmon sandwich for one of my colleagues who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and is watching her sugar and carbs intake. Poor friend.


I didn’t get to take photos of the binagoongan and fish sinigang. The former was quite good but the bagoong was a bit on the sweet side (I like mine salty and a little spicy).

After all that burp-inducing goodness, we just had to have dessert. And so we feasted on red velvet cake, almond sans rival, lemon torte and mango chocolate torte.

photo (9)

Food is truly love. And can you tell, I absolutely adored this place? Will have to bring my family here.

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