Lola Cafe and Bar


Tucked away in the quieter streets behind Tomas Morato is another ancestral house-turned-restaurant called Lola Cafe and Bar. Although it screams old house, I like it that the owners put in so much modern vibe that it doesn’t feel moldy, dusty or ancient. It is more homey, kind of like a maiden aunt’s joint. Downstairs is a floor to ceiling bar, and as you go along to the main restaurant upstairs, the walls were covered with framed inspirational quotes and snapshots of famous landmarks. I love the mason jars covered lights and plants scattered all around!




I was with more than a dozen colleagues during this trip, and we were running late for lunch after attending an official business. Our tummies were grumbling by this time. As there were several handfuls of us, I was a little afraid that we would have to wait a bit longer since most restaurants like these are more prepared for their dinner patrons than lunch customers. But no, it was a happy surprise that it took only a little time to serve our food (and we had quite a variety at that). Still, everything looked and tasted superb, not like it was done in a hurry. So two thumbs up for that great service!

Now, for the food. The selection was mostly Filipino fare, which reminded me of Adarna restaurant and Romulo Cafe. I didn’t get to take photos of all our orders, much less taste everything. For those that I did, I couldn’t find any major complaints to.

My personal orders were mushroom soup and spicy tinapa pasta.



The soup was warm and thick, and it looked like it didn’t come from a can. The serving was tiny though. The pasta was good enough but it lacked some salty kick that tinapas should have.

Other orders were:

Garden salad


Very tasty tofu squares in a saucy sauce. I loved this! The tofu was crispy and firm, and not at all soggy.


Tenderloin skewers that looked yummy.


Beef binagoongan. This was tender and juicy, however, the bagoong did not seem to seep and mix well with the beef. They are better off using pork.


Kimchi caldereta and kare-kare


Eggs Benedict that a friend asked to substitute rice for the traditional muffins. It was really sacrilege. We think the chef had a heart attack when told of this peculiar request. Lol.


Balsamic chicken. Kind of what I make here at home with worcestershire sauce.


I also saw orders of gambas, seafood stew, another variation of salad, and pumpkin soup. All in all, I enjoyed our visit here. I hope the food tastes as good when I was not this famished.

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