My little helper


On her quest for independence, Mischa oftentimes volunteers to help Mommy in chores all around the house. This is actually very good as I have no intentions of raising a real primadonna considering we are not rich and I would not like her to grow up feeling privileged that everything is handed to her on a silver platter. I have long realized she has to be trained to do small chores or perform age-appropriate simple tasks. I know that she will not wake up when she’s twelve years old, and suddenly wanting and willing to help around.

Sometimes, the harried mommy in me becomes annoyed when the tasks seemed to take longer than it should be because she’s still figuring out how to do something. So it’s a true test of patience when training kids. The willingness and determination I see in her are more than enough to make me proud. Of course, those involving fire, sharp objects, such as knives, etc., are off limits for now. But I’m happy she can be expected to throw trash, fold small articles of clothing, stir food for preparation, fetch things for mommy and daddy, bring plates and glasses to the sink, sweep (although this brings in more dust but who cares, daddy can do it again anyway), wipe spills, water plants, keep toys and books after use, dress by herself, among others.

She’s five and I already have the makings of a dalagita. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, babe.

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