Stretching my limit

I feel like such a lola these days. Everything seemed to aching all over my body. I didn’t feel this much discomfort or pain when I was pregnant with Mischa. My mantra for the last couple of weeks: All for Baby’s sake. Sigh!

Good thing I have a very high tolerance for pain. It seems to me that the slightest movement causes a creak in my joints. My singit and tailbone feel the brunt of all the extra weight. Sometimes I wonder if they would just give way, you know. Getting up from the bed and waddling to the bathroom take so much effort. I always have to hold on to the bedpost, steady myself for a full minute and ready my pelvic joints to cooperate. It is so not easy.

As is midnight and early morning bathroom trips when I am in the middle of dream land.

Or Braxton Hicks contractions that often knocks the wind out of me, or makes me want to take go to the toilet again.

And the irritating rashes on my tummy. Although they are less serious now than when I was preggo five years ago, they still itch like crazy! To soothe them, I also scratch like crazy. Some of them had begun oozing blood with the way I am scratching them. Bad. Very bad.

I really can’t wait for these last five weeks to go flying by.

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