Name game

As the big day draws near, I am having some difficulties in zeroing in on the perfect name for Baby M. I don’t know why it is a little tricky this time. With my first, I have always liked the name Mischa, and it fit perfectly when I found out that it is a derivative of Michael, her dad’s name. And then Adrienne just latched on (it kind of came to me as I was listening to The Calling).

We actually had names in the last months, and I was already hung up on it. However, about two weeks ago, I found out that the second name was also the name of one of our employees here, prompting me to scavenge again in websites of baby names. Truth be told, it was really a bummer for me. The two names I have strung together seemed so perfect to me. While I was not shooting for exclusivity, and I am not definitely eyeing hard to pronounce or spell names, I have an issue with being gaya-gaya, especially if it’s me. Sorry, but I am weird that way.

I just want my kids’ names to be original enough but not so out of this world that they will be laughed at.

Anyway, so roughly five weeks and three days before this kid comes out, below is my shortlist. The first name have to start with M, of course.

Marguerite – pearl
Maxine – greatest (this is my best bet so far)
Miranda – extraordinary; to be admired
Morgan – white sea; bright
Moriah – God is my Teacher
Myrtle – victory

It is with the second name that I am having quite a difficult time but my choices are:

Agatha – kind; good
Aidan – small fire
Amelia – work of the Lord; hardworking
Amethyst – beneficient; purple gem
Athena – Goddess of wisdom
Callista – beautiful
Eliana – God has anwered
Elise – holy and sacred to God; noble
Eloise – intelligent
Faith – to trust
Fiona – white
Sadie – princess

Help me choose?

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