Preggo fashion

As we were on a really tight budget these days, I did not buy much new clothes during this pregnancy. I actually recycled a lot and was glad that most of what I had have not been out of fashion five years after. Good thing I have a tendency to go after mostly classics.

What I really loved finding about is Elin! Their clothes are sooooo comfortable and stretchy and just right for preggers like me. They also look like they will still fit even after I give birth, which is a major plus when I am struggling to go back to my pre-baby body. The prices are not too bad, either. And they deliver ultra fast! Had some minor glitch in one order but they were very professional in dealing with it, and immediately offered alternatives.

Here are some shots of me wearing my Elin merchandise. Pardon the puffy face, especially the eyes. With all that’s been going through with me (achy, achy all over!), I have not have the inclination to dress up and fix myself. My comb, powder and lip gloss are my best friends these days.


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