Starting to nest

Because D-day is fast approaching, I can slowly feel the pangs of nesting. In my last check up last Wednesday, my OB and I initially discussed on October 16 as the day Baby M will make her grand entrance to this world. That’s about nine weeks away! Because of that, I just had this sudden urge to start readying her things yesterday. Well, I’ve always been a compulsive shopper, and while I’ve starting looking online, I just had this urge to buy her stuff yesterday. Mind you, with experience on our hands with Mischa, we decided to just get the barest minimum. Also, Ate has so many pre-loved items that we can be passed on to her, especially the big ticket items like her crib and stroller. So a few things we bought:





She needs more, methinks. I don’t also want her to look and feel kawawa because her arrival isn’t as anticipated or looked forward to as a firstborn. We’ll get more for you baby.

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