Bloodletting for a cause

And that cause is, well, little old me. I mentioned here that we are undertaking extraordinary preparations with this pregnancy. I needed to prepare about ten bags of blood, which I will replace in case I would need blood transfusion as I bring out Baby M into the world. Join me in crossing fingers that I will not need them.



Last Saturday, we brought in ten of our good friends to the hospital for the first batch. There was always the possibility of one or several of them being rejected as a blood donor. But it was the thought that counted for me. It’s a little weird but my first choice of donors were our friends, not our relatives. At any rate, I’m just thankful that they made the sacrifice of being there, on a Saturday at that, at 6:00 in the morning, to line up so they can give donate their blood. My husband and brother are kind of a given hehe.

My big thank you to Cheng, IC, her husband Pat, Kris, Nico, Cindy, Tobi and Cherry even though four of them were rejected. I love them just the same. It was a matter of life and death.

Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures during any of the process.

Now, on to the next and hopefully the last batch. I just need four more.

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