Bed mates

One thing that I haven’t really figured out or came up with a concrete plan yet is our sleeping arrangements once the baby is here. Having only a queen-sized bed, it seems not to be a good idea for all four of us to continue sleeping together without the baby getting squashed by Dad or Ate. If ever you wake up to this, you would understand why:


Being a Filipino family, we are sort of brought up with the kids sleeping with parents until they become tweens or so. I remember I only moved out of my parents’ marital bed when I was 10. But that was only because my father worked abroad, and it seemed at the time to be a given that both me and my brother keep our mama company. Now, at 5, I think I have anxieties about letting Mischa sleep on her own despite her having her own bed and room. Also, I don’t want her to feel left out or booted out just because baby came along. No better way to feel like an outcast like a new member of the family.

So, what to do, what to do. My current bed mates are quite the monsters when they sleep, i.e., so much sense of entitlement when it comes to space, hogging of blankets, kicks in the gut or if you’re lucky in the face, and so on and so forth. We’re thinking of buying the hubby a cot as his sleeping quarters for the meantime. But really, I don’t think the sisters are ready to be side by side for now. Maybe a crib for the new baby? But poor her, sleeping all by herself while the three of us sleep cozily beside each other! What do you think?


The recent long weekend gave us more time to nest. Baby’s new clothes and other stuff have washed. We fixed some rooms (actually, the hubby moved a lot of things around, but if I had my way, I would throw a lot of things or at least give away those we do not use anymore). And we checked out some things from my parents’ house and brought things over that Ate Mischa will pass on for baby’s use. So far, we got the crib, sterilizer, dresser, some containers and nappy bag. Of all her things, this crib really is so sulit! Mischa used it for more than three years, (the last two for napping only) and well on its way to house another kiddo. Truly value for money!


Most of our things are ready so far. Now just have to sit out the last seven weeks before D-day.

Preggo fashion

As we were on a really tight budget these days, I did not buy much new clothes during this pregnancy. I actually recycled a lot and was glad that most of what I had have not been out of fashion five years after. Good thing I have a tendency to go after mostly classics.

What I really loved finding about is Elin! Their clothes are sooooo comfortable and stretchy and just right for preggers like me. They also look like they will still fit even after I give birth, which is a major plus when I am struggling to go back to my pre-baby body. The prices are not too bad, either. And they deliver ultra fast! Had some minor glitch in one order but they were very professional in dealing with it, and immediately offered alternatives.

Here are some shots of me wearing my Elin merchandise. Pardon the puffy face, especially the eyes. With all that’s been going through with me (achy, achy all over!), I have not have the inclination to dress up and fix myself. My comb, powder and lip gloss are my best friends these days.


Starting to nest

Because D-day is fast approaching, I can slowly feel the pangs of nesting. In my last check up last Wednesday, my OB and I initially discussed on October 16 as the day Baby M will make her grand entrance to this world. That’s about nine weeks away! Because of that, I just had this sudden urge to start readying her things yesterday. Well, I’ve always been a compulsive shopper, and while I’ve starting looking online, I just had this urge to buy her stuff yesterday. Mind you, with experience on our hands with Mischa, we decided to just get the barest minimum. Also, Ate has so many pre-loved items that we can be passed on to her, especially the big ticket items like her crib and stroller. So a few things we bought:





She needs more, methinks. I don’t also want her to look and feel kawawa because her arrival isn’t as anticipated or looked forward to as a firstborn. We’ll get more for you baby.

Mission accomplished

The hubby and I braved another day at the hospital, and brought another army of colleagues and a cousin to accomplish our goal of banking enough blood that I might need during my delivery. My heart is thankful to the Lord for giving me these caring people, who, despite not being close to me, sacrificed time (we needed to be at the blood bank at 6:00 a.m. on a weekday) and of course, their precious blood. I hope one day I can repay all of them in some way.

And this time, someone had to the guts to take a photo despite the warning not to take one. hehe.


Again, still hopeful that I would not be needing these after all. We are all praying that both baby and I will come of this basically unscathed.

Bloodletting for a cause

And that cause is, well, little old me. I mentioned here that we are undertaking extraordinary preparations with this pregnancy. I needed to prepare about ten bags of blood, which I will replace in case I would need blood transfusion as I bring out Baby M into the world. Join me in crossing fingers that I will not need them.



Last Saturday, we brought in ten of our good friends to the hospital for the first batch. There was always the possibility of one or several of them being rejected as a blood donor. But it was the thought that counted for me. It’s a little weird but my first choice of donors were our friends, not our relatives. At any rate, I’m just thankful that they made the sacrifice of being there, on a Saturday at that, at 6:00 in the morning, to line up so they can give donate their blood. My husband and brother are kind of a given hehe.

My big thank you to Cheng, IC, her husband Pat, Kris, Nico, Cindy, Tobi and Cherry even though four of them were rejected. I love them just the same. It was a matter of life and death.

Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures during any of the process.

Now, on to the next and hopefully the last batch. I just need four more.

Baby M’s movements

For posterity’s sake, I am blogging about my bunso‘s movements at 27 weeks:

Very enthusiastic, this one. Compared to Ate Mischa some five years before, Baby M (of course), 98% of the time moves on cue. Ate is more suplada even in the womb, and would only move when she feels like it. This little one would almost always let herself be felt when Mommy wants her to. I could imagine her jumping for joy at the littlest sensations. We especially bond at night when I just had a shower and beginning to relax at the end of the day. Ate normally loves watching her move around, too. Says she can hear baby saying she wants to go out already. We are all so excited!