Nutrition Month

Due to the recent back to back typhoons (Glenda and Henry), classes in the pre-school level in our area were suspended for several days. That’s already five school days that students missed and it is only July. Although the suspension was more of a precaution (some of days showed no rain at all), pardon this momma for feeling shortchanged every day they miss lessons.

Anyway, I am glad their supposed to be Nutrition Month celebration this year was held on a Saturday. One, they can catch up on lessons on regular days, and two, I can be present and see Mischa participate in the activities. Yay! Her assignment this year was to bring a homemade veggie pizza for the food booth, which unfortunately I didn’t have the time to make. Instead, we just took out something from Project Pie.

Mischa was a little off color that day but she readily and excitedly joined the different activities. Parents were treated to a very short program where each class presented a song and dance number. The Kinder 2 class jingled their way to Marian Rivera’s Sabi Nila, but the lyrics were changed to something about eating fruits and vegetables.


Then they all had to troop to different booths where games and exercises were set up, each wired for the kids to learn about healthy eating. The hubby even volunteered to help in one.


The rest of the parents were not able to go inside the rooms where the booths were so we just watched from the windows.


The parents were finally allowed to enter the last station, which was the food booth. My poor darling daughter could only pick at the fried rice, and did not touch the veggie sticks and fruit kebabs. My bad, I know, because she is not used to eating raw food.


While she got sick in the middle of the last activity, where I was there luckily to tend to her, I know she enjoyed the day. I’m really lucky because she likes school.

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