CFO-style relief operations

This is how we do it in our office. This particular operation was done for the benefit of the victims of the recent typhoon Glenda.


This is one of the first tasks I was ever assigned when I was new at work. It is exhausting but for me, really fulfilling and even fun. Of course, I wouldn’t want to do all the time because it means there has been a calamity or natural disaster that happened. But realistically speaking, the Philippines being in a typhoon-prone area, this does happen with regularity.

Upon receiving donations, we purchase the relief goods to be packed. Then we ship or transport to the designated area, then distribute. Simple as that. Coordination, though takes some time, depending on the vicinity and the gravity of the disaster, which may affect communication lines, roads and transportation systems.

I especially like it when we are doing the actual giving of the items to the beneficiaries. Seeing the hope and gratitude in people’s eyes is sometimes enough to remind me that I am in the right job. When I was younger, I have always done these with gusto. I was glad to have reached the north to southern regions of the country. Aside from serving people, I have always loved the journey itself. But as I moved up in the office, there has been less opportunities for me to do the actual implementation but I would always want to do them in a heartbeat.

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