Beyond normal preparations

Yes, I kinda consider what I need to do beyond normal. At 24 weeks, I would think that I only need to prepare for the arrival of the new baby by:

a. Sorting out Ate Mischa’s things that the new baby can still use (crib, stroller, once or twice used clothes, etc.)
b. Preparing Ate Mischa for the big arrival (expectation setting)
c. Choosing names
d. Buying other stuff like newborn clothes, bottles, etc.
e. Preparing and baby-proofing the house again

I didn’t think that seeing another OB-Gyne who will also do my cesarian delivery counts as normal, would you? Or looking for blood donors and stocking up 10-12 bags of blood that I might use while on the delivery table?

Because folks, that’s what I am doing now. Yesterday, I saw a colleague of my attending physician and gave him a rundown of my history. I am happy that two senior obstetricians from the country’s premier medical school and hospital will be looking after me. But that’s how serious and delicate my condition is. My worries were somehow abated. While the risk of severe bleeding (and dying) is still there, it seems to me that the operation is manageable. I am in capable hands so I am probably not dying anytime soon. Yay!

Now, I am just hunting for blood.