It’s a Girl!


The dad is still outnumbered in our household. Though I wanted a boy this time, maybe I was meant to be a mom of girls. Still very happy though. All I am praying for right now is my safe delivery and the good health of the upcoming baby.

According to my check up and doppler ultrasound yesterday, the placenta and myoma still seem to be attached by 1.6 centimeters. My OB and I already discussed the possibility that I will have to undergo hysterectomy. Trying to detach and deliver the placenta if deeply or abnormally attached to the uterus might result to very heavy bleeding. I am submitting my fate to the Lord at this point, although if at all possible to salvage my uterus, then I hope my doctor can indeed save it. He told me he might be requesting the assistance of another specialist. Well, I said whatever needs to be done, and as I long as I get to live.