Emotional maturity

At five years old, I am starting to see that Mischa is maturing emotionally. Before, I was afraid that she would grow up to be spoiled and a little bratty, owing of course to her being an old child. She is a little difficult at times and even as a baby, has already manifested being temperamental and impatient. Yes, the adults around her are partly to blame because we tend to be a little overindulgent with her, and at times, we feel that it is better to give in than to endure hours of tantrums. I know that it is not the most ideal method of parenting but as I am a working mother with no household help, I admit that I do give in a lot when she was younger. But when she started school, I started reigning it that temper, not because I want to control her, but more to help her manage her own emotions. And I realize of course that now is the best time because I know that she begins to understand that the world does not revolve around her.

And I am happy that it might not seem that she does not listen to me all the time, that in her little ways, she is showing me that my words do affect her.


For one, she now understands that certain privileges are to be withheld. For instance, there is little resistance anymore when I started letting her use gadgets only on weekends. She knows that weekdays are for studying, resting and a little playing.



During one of her visits to the office, she had a playmate who was the daughter of one of my colleagues. They were playing in my office, and after some time, the kid wanted her mama to be with her. I overheard Mischa telling her, “Your mama has to work. If you don’t let her work, you will not have toys, food, books and things.”

My heart skipped a beat. This is what I always tell her when she whines that she doesn’t me to go to the office and begs me to stay with her. I couldn’t believe that she absorbs things when I am at my lecture mode.


Mama told me that one of the grandmothers of one of her classmates was all praises for her. There were several times at the beginning of the school year when this classmate was crying and begging that he not be left behind by the grandma. Big girl Mischa said, “There, there now, don’t cry. We’re all big kids here. And besides, parents and grandparents are not allowed inside the classroom”.

She also says a lot of funny things without meaning to. If only I could always capture her kids-say-the-darnedest-things moments, I might have been able to write a book!

My daughter is fast becoming a big kid. While there are still remnants of her demanding self, I am one proud momma that outside of the house, she is showing how mature she is growing up to be. She is truly ready to be a big sister.

Now, I just have to instill in her that I am not an ATM machine when it comes to toys and candies. lol

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